The Summer Queen is Sold!

Some say that art can express things that can't always be said with words.

Through my watercolour, I help others to evoke and validate their emotions, providing them with a level of comfort in how they’re feeling.

I have enjoyed every single moment of my journey since I decided to come back to the flow of my brushes and paint. I love dedicating my life to bring joy, to pursue my passions despite the risks, fears, and considerations of others. I live to inspire, connect and create.

It's been a year since I created The Summer Queen. It was created after I turned 39. I was Inspired by my own journey. Reflecting my new way of being and when I decided that I wanted to be known as an artist; to be The Magic Colour Maker. It was my rebirth. 

The Elements of Summer


The Flowers: I was feeling confident, free and connected to my surroundings. I saw the flowers around me, they grounded me and inspired me with their carefree nature. 

The Sunglasses: They represented possibility, the pattern of triangles represent the directions to choose, no matter what I thought I knew or believed; that every single one would lead me to a different outcome. And they were all good. 

She looks up to the sky: Because I will always be looking up and will never give up. I will always chase my dreams!

Now a year later this piece continues to inspire others to create amazing things. The Summer Queen was on the cover of the IMAGINATION Issue for Moments Magazine and the inspiration of the theme of their launch party. She was everywhere

Summer Queen now has a new home and I have no doubt she will continue to inspire others to create and dream. Thank you so much for all your support!