I'm so happy you are here, and I am super excited to tell you a little bit about me and why I do what I do.

I really love connecting with people on a deeper level, inspiring them to create in a way that gives them more freedom, magic and fun in their life!

I am a commercial artist and designer originally from Mexico City now living in Calgary, Canada.
I’m a mom, wife, artist, entrepreneur, designer, and unshakable optimist.

Art and design are what makes me breathe with a different kind of happiness. They are my medium to speak words I can’t explain, my freedom. Living a creative life enables me to express things most people can’t see at first.


I have a lot of memories of me playing with crayons, enjoying how crisp the line of marker can be on a white piece of paper, loved my coloured pencils and how I could create a gradient just by organizing them (I could get lost just by looking at them). I loved my colouring books and from there I just kept exploring whatever I could get my hands on.

Being able to use my hands inspires me to keep putting my imagination to work. For me, it's about listening to yourself and putting what you hear out there as art. It's therapy.

It feels so good to hold a brush and get lost in the paper with all colours in the rainbow. I guarantee that you’ll experience an unexpected joy if you started practicing the magic of mark-making using watercolour. Come join me at a watercolour workshop at one of the many amazing art studios around Calgary.