Hola, I am Maya Corona!

From childhood to adulthood, from crayons to pens. From Mexico to Canada and Spanish to English. From Marketing Strategies to Art Galleries and from creating for others to creating for myself. I am The Magic Colour Maker, always looking to live a life fulfilled through the practice of creativity. 

I love a good story and I love the adventure a blank piece of paper offers as I explore story-telling with bright and bold colours.

Our stories and memories are the results of the experimentation and unpredictable nature of a full, rich, lived life. I feel that creating art is the perfect way to capture the quaint and whimsical elements that make up our stories. It’s the magic that happens when you let go of control and surrender to the flow and the beauty of the unexpected.

I love the beauty of the rainbow accented by the contrast and depth of black and white. I adore the beautiful animals that honour us with their love and appreciation. The power the splatter has to free up your need to get it perfect. The vibrant and colourful strokes that convey joy and evoke positive emotions. Painting allows me to play, explore and capture the exquisiteness of those stories in a piece of art that people can then absorb and get reconnected to every time they look at it.

I love showing others how to play and explore with their inner selves so they can release the “Bold Magic Colour Maker” that we all have inside. My classes, leave people feeling inspired by the magic of colour and eager to experience the joy that comes from creativity as a wellness practice in their life.

“When we accept that we are creative and allow ourselves to tell our stories in full colour, free of restrictions we appreciate the beauty of the unexpected.” - Me