Rocco "The Greyhound"

Rocco "The Greyhound"

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watercolour print of a greyhound dog portrait.

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Prints are high quality and on a 300lb watercolour paper, acid-free Each print is meant to last a very long time without fade or yellowing. The paper is beautifully textured as watercolour paper should be (Cold Press), which gives it the look of an original piece. White background: no borders.

Each painting comes wrapped in protective plastic and cardboard, ready to frame.

*Please note that the FRAME HERE IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE SALE, it’s for illustrative purposes only.

If you are interested in purchasing the original, please send me a message and I will let you know if it's still available and pricing. (The original painting is an 11x15 inches on a 300 Lb watercolour paper.