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Melba Seto
A Humble and Passionate Artist!

I have been so fortunate to meet and learn from Maya Corona. She is one of my favourite water colour artists due to her style and passion for life. If you ever have the opportunity to experience one of her classes I would definitely suggest you take the chance because I have no doubt that in the near future it will be nearly impossible to get a spot with her! Not only is she talented, she is so down to earth and inspiring when you hear of her journey. Thank you Maya, I hope to work with you again!

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Sarah Miller
A warm and welcoming experience!

Maya really has a talent for artwork and beauty. She’s warm and welcoming and so encouraging. Watercolour can be a source of frustration but Maya helps you learn to let go and enjoy the process. She encourages you that even perceived mistakes can be beautiful. I walked away from her workshop feeling encouraged to continue working and growing my watercolour abilities.


Janelle Wimmer
I learned to paint with water colour!!!

Maya was a wonderful and kind teacher! I learned so much! I will definitely be back!


Megan Rio

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